Who are we?

We've built a reputation as a world leader in visual communications and display graphic solutions. We continue to lead the way.

At PZO, we have a reputation for delivering excellent service to our clients for 10 years. We employ a team of well-trained sales professionals, creative designers, pre-press specialists, production staff, and project managers dedicated to overseeing client satisfaction and fostering long-term client relationships.

As a leader, we have created a formula for building a work culture that attracts the best talent. Building a winner means building a work culture where people enjoy their work and enjoy working with their fellow colleagues. From top to bottom, this is the culture at PZO.

We have a fantastic group of people working at PZO. We believe that keeping our employees happy ensures the greatest productivity, allowing them to perform their absolute best. Our vision of having been in the business of digital large format longer than most means we have the most experienced team of people who understand display graphics.

Our clients choose PZO because they get the best team in the business behind every job. We believe in quality and take great care at every stage of production to ensure quality is checked before we ship, staying committed to your deadlines. You are more than just a customer to us. You’re a partner.

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